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Surpassing industry

Surpassing Industry Standards

Your security is our top priority. With enhanced features like the VAULT, end-to-end chats, timed messages, encrypted phone/video calls, our secure web browser, and remote delete Hoop connects all your security needs in one app. Interested in our security solutions? Download Hoop now!
Don't take our word for it!?
Trust our partners

Don't take our word for it, trust our partners

Hoop’s security has been successfully audited by ​CNLABS​​ in Switzerland. Third party testing allows us to be transparent with our followers and users. Impressed by our partners? Download Hoop now!

Custom Emojis, Stickers & Memes!

Have Fun with Custom Emoji, Memes & Stickers

Do you love communicating with visual content like emojis? Hoop allows you to get creative and design your own emoji, memes and stickers in app. Our CREATION STATION ensures that there will be no more dull moments when chatting with your friends and family. Want to express yourself? Download Hoop Now!

Why Hoop over other applications?

Not only Hoop Messenger offers features seen on other applications, we also offer features that have not been experienced before. When it comes to security, Hoop offers Vault — a password-protected section of the app that allows you to encrypt chats, files (i.e. Word, Excel, PDF) and photos.

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So, without the correct password, your files cannot be decrypted. Furthermore, if your device gets stolen, you can remote delete your account from our website with a unique code.

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Secure Features

PIN code with Jumbler

With our PIN code protection, you can protect your Hoop from prying eyes. Without any combination limits, this code can be 4 or 8 characters long. With usage of symbols like !@#$%^&*() Hoop offers over billion combinations.

VPN Browsing

Use Hoop to browse the web. The browser on Hoop utilizes a TLS connection from the device to the server, so traffic from the server & the device is encrypted and protected, even if you browse unsecured sites. The result: no browsing history or cache is stored on the user’s device or server.

End-to-end encryption

Chatting on Hoop Messenger is SAFE. No one, not even us, can view your messages. By starting a chat in the Vault only you and the recipient can read the content of the message once end to end encryption is established. Please note that only Vault chats are end-to-end encrypted. Once end-to-end handshake has been established, an special message is displayed. Only then the chat is fully secured. Our aim is to make every chat, including group chats, end-to-end encrypted.

Protect Files With The Patent Pending Vault

Hoop Messenger allows you to encrypt files within the patent pending Vault. All content in the Vault is secured using long AES256 keys mapped with PBKDF2, therefore no one can access the content in the Vault without the correct password. One of the great characteristic of the Vault is that you can delete the app, download it again later and have all your content back by simply recovering it from our encrypted cloud storage. This comes in handy when you enter areas that demand you to hand in your phone (like crossing US border :). Simply delete Hoop and download it again once it is safely back in your hands. Can’t snoop through something if it doesn’t exist, right? * Note: If you lose your password, it cannot be restored.

PIN code with Jumbler
PIN code with Jumbler
VPN Browsing
VPN Browsing
End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption
Protect Files With The Patent Pending Vault
Protect Files With The Patent Pending Vault
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Video & phone calls

Hoop allows you to have encrypted calls with friends and family without any third parties listening in. Our calls are impervious to many methods of attacks, such as brute force or man in the middle.